Academic Building

Fazlulhaque House

The 13 time champions of the Faujian arcadia, strive 10 uphold the charismatic legacy left by their predecessors. The Fazlulians grow up, in the span 6 years, believing that anything and everything is possible to be accomplished. They are wild, zealous & ebullient with the win to win, just like their house symbol, the panther. The house colour, green, is just a projection of their personality – ever young and enthusiastic. The cadets here may not be born heroes, but they are definitely trained and educated to be one. They pledge full support and difference to the college, its motto rules and ethics.

Fazlul Haq House is not an ordinary dormitory; it is a family. A family of brothrs who have each others back n matter what the situation. And with their motto, \’Never Give In’ They march forward to gain the year’s tittle.

Rabindra House

In the Hogwarts of Bangladesh. Rabindra House stands first & firm with all its realness. Formerly named after the establisher of the Mughal Era, Emperor Babar, Rabindra House marks a new era as the first house in the history of cadet colleges in Bangladesh too. As lions it strives to rule the ‘Forbidder Forest’ of this magical school. Strike & Strive’ – are the two words which resulted into its glorious past with 15 overall Championships. The current champions waving the yellow flag are known as Rabindrics. Their tenacity over the last 60 years and onward is proving their worth in the arcadia. Currently, it is being run under the prior supervision of Mr. Md Shafiqul Islam as House Master & in lead Cadet Farhan of 63rd  batch as the House Captain.

Nazrul House

With the royalty of blue blood flowing through the vein. Nazrul House stands as marks of honour and aristocracy in the lands of Faujdarhat Cadet College. Named after the rebel poet Kazi Nazrul, the bold Nazrulians have always dominated this arcadia. The marks of which are left on the 17 overall championship conquered. Adorning Jagur as the symbol of their boldness and might, the cadets of this house have always believed in the motto ‘They live who dare’. These brave men and the steps dared by them have succeeded most in the world outside. And for those who enter this legion as successors, are passed down with all the great potentials their predecessors  held. Now the Nazrulians have set their aim to conquer the overall championship of the year 2018 after a decade long drought under the leadership of house captain Cadet Zuhayer of 63rd Batch.


Shahidullah House

Here in the Eton of Bangladesh , Shahidullah House stands as one of the old and most traditional dormitories. Faujdarhat Cadet College nurtured this house from its inception formerly known as Akbar house named after the great Mughal emperor Akbar. Enlightened by the voices bearing the motto’ We Shall Never Surrender’ in our hearts the tigers are marching forward with an Endeavour of competence and excellence in the odyssey of life. The house color led is an excellent projection of the fierce  ground breaching approach towards all obstacles that faces its warriors. The bearers of the tittle ‘Shahidullian’ glaze with enthusiasm and zeal of victory in every stages of life.

The Shahidullians together are a family, family raging enthusiastic  warriors who knows no tear and nothing attracts them rather than the alluring small of victory. Bearing this oath in life the tigers are marching forward armed with the insignia of heads on their shoulders.

Principal Parade