Birsrestho Nur Mohammad Hospital

Faujdarhat Cadet College has a well developed hospital .This Birsrestho Nur Mohammad Hospital is named after a brave martyr of the glorious Liberation War of Bangladesh. This hospital is run by a specialized doctor ranked major or captain from the medical corps of Bangladesh Army. Besides cadets, this hospital provides treatment to the employees of all classes along with their families. All kinds of basic and first aid treatments are available here. This hospital is well equipped pathological tools to diagnosis the basic diseases. In case of critical diseases and emergency situations, patients are sent to Combined Military Hospital (CMH), Chittagong.


Birsrestho Abdur Rouf Library

Faujdarhat Cadet College Library was established in 1958. Since then it has come a long way to the present condition step by step. Jhenidah Cadet College believes in quality education and for ensuring quality education it is prerequisite condition to have an adequate number of books and journals at College library. Keeping these in mind FCC committed to provide better library facilities to the cadets and faculty members, as well as staff members. The aim of the Jhenidah Cadet College Library is to provide relevant books and other reading materials to students of various courses and faculties.

  • There are around 16,000 (sixteen thousand) books in the Library.
  • Library remains open six days a week from 0730 to 1400.
  • Library environment that is safe, welcoming, and offers a variety of comfortable spaces that will inspire learning, research and creativity.
  • Staff that are approachable, helpful, knowledgeable, courteous and take satisfaction in working for the JCC Library.
  • Information sources that are easily accessible, relevant, reliable and of high quality.
  • Books are placed in open shelves for the convenience of users and for consultation. JCC Library maintains open access shelves to give enough choices to users so that they can select desired library materials.

The library collection is growing rapidly. The Collection of FCC offers academic programs text book on Bengali, English, Mathematics, religion (Islam & Hindu), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Computer Science, Islamic History, Agriculture studies, Statistics, Political Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Arts & Craft. The Library is enriched with available with valuable reference materials such as Atlases, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Annual reports and publications, Survey reports, census reports, country reports, statistical yearbooks, defense related publications and Audio Visual Materials.


Birsrestho Mostofa Auditorium

To flourish the latent talents of cadets, co-curricular activities are very important. To carry out this notion, there is no alternative to an auditorium.Faujdarhat Cadet College has a well decorated auditorium named Birsrestho Mostofa Auditorium where all types of cultural and national programs are arranged. This auditorium is named after a brave warrior and martyr of the Liberation War of Bangladesh- Sipahi Mostofa Kamal. This auditorium has the capacity of 400 people. This single auditorium also serves as central examination hall. So, this large auditorium has multi-dimensional usage. To build a cadet as a patriot and creative human being this auditorium is very crucial for  Faujdarhat Cadet College.

Others Facilities

 Computer Lab  Conference Room
Chemistry Lab  Biology Lab
Physics Lab Information Room
Art Gallery Dining Hall
Gymnasium Swimming Pool